LEGENDS BRUSH PONY PALS, Color: MULTI COLORED; Size: 6.375 (Catalog Category: Equine Grooming:BRUSHES, COMBS & CURRYS)

Equine general grooming brush with fun colors and patterns. Legends ponypals brush with crimped poly fiber in fun patterns & colors. Beautifully finished pocket size hardwood brush block filled with crimped polypropylene fiber colors and patterns 2 inch trim(Color: MULTI COLORED; Size: 6.375)

EquiScentials Coat Cleaner 4 oz

Coat Care
EquiScentials Coat Cleaner is a mild, leave-in cleaning alternative to completely shampooing and bathing the horse. It is effective in removing stains and filth by massaging it into the coat, gently toweling the area dry , followed by brushing.

- Dries quickly
- Provides a natural shine
- Works well in combination with all ATH Products

Natural shine
Quick spot removal