James Dobson's War on America

Elections & Political Process
Former Dobson aide and Focus on the Family co-founder Gil Alexander-Moegerle offers an insightful and detailed expos? of this religious power-broker and his strong-arm corporation. Religious author and White House Family Conference task force member James Dobson formed the Focus on the Family corporation in 1977, a group that currently boasts plenty of political clout on the religious right, a $100 million budget, and a membership three times the size of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition. This psychologist-turned-family-values-guru has a personal agenda so ambitious that Forest Sawyer of ABC News called him, "one of the most powerful men in America," while John Hockenberry of ABC noted, "On Capitol Hill, he's treated like some kind of powerful lobbyist." Although he may not be as well known as Jerry Falwell, Jim and Tammy Bakker, or Jimmy Swaggart, Dobson commands loyal legions who will do his bidding without question. And, like many moralists who call themselves "God's chosen," James Dobson has plenty to hide.

Mark Thomas Presents the People's Manifesto

United States
Mark Thomas has been touring the country for months, getting audiences to come up with policies aimed at sorting out the country's political chaos and taking back the power for the people. Sick to death of bailing out bankers and subsidising MPs homes, the audience vote on the best policy of the night to be included in the brand new People's Manifesto.From the inspiring to the downright hilarious, you'll wonder why these fantastic ideas aren't part of the constitution already. For example:- All politicians will be forced to wear the names and logos of the companies sponsor that them or with whom they have financial links.- Anyone who supports ID cards is banned from having curtains. - All models have to be picked at random from the electoral register.- Anyone found guilty of homophobic hate crime has to serve their sentence in drag.- CEOs convicted of fraud will be made to dress as pirates in whatever job they get in the future.The People's Manifesto will outline 50 policies of the manifesto shouted out in bold type on a page to themselves with Mark's commentary opposite. Mark has even 'road tested' some of them - like hosting a party in an MP's second home (which clearly belongs to the taxpayer) and getting university boffins to work out a way of SAT testing MPs to rank them by value. And Mark's guerrilla antics won't end there...Power to the people is really happening.