Persephone's Agent

Julia, a young, high-producing real estate agent, finds no one wants to view a spectacular Victorian in tony San Francisco’s Pacific Heights she lists at a bargain basement price price. Worse still, her client fires her when she misses an open house she thought the client had canceled, from a message left on her voicemail. She learns from a newspaper report that her husband had an affair while on a business trip in New York, hacked into a law firm’s computer, stole documents to try to seduce the woman a second time, and was fired for his offense. The client who fired her returns and begs her to sell the property at a further reduced price. Persephone, a new acquaintance, generously offers to help Julia buy the property, as a joint investment. Her reason: Persephone has been sent to Earth on the singular mission of persuading Julia to believe Persephone is truly the Greek goddess of the underworld. Buying the property will bring the two closer together and aid her assignment. Persephone suggests that Julia’s life-changing events were orchestrated by other gods to promote her effort. And more will follow until Persephone succeeds or fails. Julia’s life continues to be turned upside down. She is constantly confronted with two versions of events, one based on reason and the other on faith.

Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek - #PK001 Pink Pink

{2012 NEW} Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek

Dual Highlighter and blush tones supply smooth shimmer and vivid color to reflect a beautiful spring bloom
A: Highlighter / B: Blush
1. Face Slimming Expression : Apply B tone to cheek at an angle. Apply A to upper cheek by partially overlapping B coverage.
2. Cute Expression : Apply B toon to apple zone and overlap sith A coverage.
3. Customized Expression : Blend A & B tones to liking and apply to cheek.